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Testimonials"All in all, this is the best planner I have found so far..."
- Sarah, Boston

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The Best Planner for you...

You’re here because you need a solution to an organization and planning problem. You or someone in your life is trying to get control of classroom demands and a hectic personal life.

You have a planner but it doesn’t seem to work…not enough room to write or space to capture all the other stuff going on outside the classroom.

Maybe finding time to study enough is a problem. Can’t seem to fit it all in and sinking grades are the first sign of trouble.

You are not alone.

It’s a huge problem that is not addressed by the simple homework logs. A real planner is not going to solve all your problems but it is going to play a critical roll in making headway toward better grades.

The NEW AgendaWorks Planner is an even more powerful tool for getting organized and improving grades.

Are you ADD/ADHD? The AgendaWorks Planner gives you the space you need to keep that busy mind on track.

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